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Yankees win 6th in a row, Pettitte gets the W

Nunez comes off the DL and gives Yanks offense spark in 6th straight W

The Yankees win their sixth in a row behind a solid effort from Andy Pettitte and 5 runs from the offense which earlier in the season had been struggling a bit.  Over the past six games the Yankee bats have come alive and showed fight.  Even without their big stars, the Yankee organization always finds a way to win and stay in the thick of things.  Eduardo Nunez was a big spark for the Yankees today coming of the DL.  Nunez had 2 RBI's in the Yankee victory which turned out to be the difference in the ball game.  It also cannot be understated how important Robinson Cano's tying base-hit to left field was in the sixth inning. The first four games were against Minnesota in this win streak, which could enable some to downplay this latest surge by the Yankees but two come from behind wins against the Orioles is very impressive for this team considering how many injuries they've had to deal with.  Mariano Rivera is also just tremendous.  No matter how old he gets, he just keeps getting guys out.  He isn't the flashiest player but he gets the job done at the highest level possible.  This was a big win for the Yankees who look re-invigerated as a ball club and now are a 1/2 game ahead of Baltimore for the second wild card spot.  Tomorrow is a big game for the Yankees because they will have the opportunity to go ahead by the Orioles by a 1 1/2 in the wild card.  Hiroki Kuroda goes for the Yankees tomorrow in the series finale.

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