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The Jets and the Giants come up short yet again

Aweful. That just about sums it up for the performances put on by the Jets and the Giants earlier today. Whether it was the horrific fumble by Rashad Jennings of the Giants, or the unfathomable nullifying timeout that cost the Jets a tying touchdown in Green Bay, there is nothing positive to talk about. Unfortunately, there are no moral victories in football. Therefore, there are no silver linings to discuss. While the Giants had a more fluid offense, they lost to a backup quarterback in Drew Stanton, an inexcusable act. For the Jets, blowing a 21-3 lead against an elite team on the road may turn into a season altering loss.

Tom Coughlin and Rex Ryan are usually regarded as player-friendly coaches in NFL circles, but the mistakes made by both teams today reflect poorly on both coaches. The poor special teams play by the Giants reflects a lack of discipline instilled by Tom Coughlin. Similarly for Gang Green, the complete loss of composure in the second half by Muhammed Wilkerson reflects on Rex's poor discipline of his team. These coaches may be loved by their players, but who cares? If the team is not performing, does it really matter if the players like the coach? A team that wins and doesn't love their coach is more ideal than having a team with players that are inseparable with their coach but lose.

From afar, it appears that the Jets and Giants are both in for long campaigns this season. No game on the schedule is a guaranteed win for the Giants anymore, and the Jets will be lucky to win one of the next five games they play. After all the preseason hype, it is beginning to look like there will be no New York football team playing in January. These two teams have constantly failed to answer the bell the last couple of years, and the excuses are getting old. 

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