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Do the Brooklyn Nets now own New York?

This offseason has been a very noisy one in Nets camp.  Even though some would say that the Knicks have always been on top of New York, the Brooklyn Nets now pose a very serious threat to the Knicks.  Regardless of the age factor, any time your starting 5 consists of Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, Deron Williams, Brook Lopez, and Joe Johnson, it is very dangerous.  Don't forget about Jason Terry coming off the bench either. He can hit big shots at any time and is key to the Nets chances of bringing home a title.  While there are more Knick fans right now, the Nets have done a good job of drawing headlines and drawing more support from fans around the league.  It is evident from the trade with the Celtics that they are not messing around and are intending to go for it all this year.  On the other hand, you have a Knicks team that is coming off a disappointing end to last season against the Pacers, but had their most successful season in over 10 years.  Carmelo Anthony put the team on his back and basically carried them to the second round where they got outlasted by a better and more physical Indiana Pacers team.  With that said, the Knicks also have a brighter outlook this season with higher expectations than the last.  Even with all these new acquisitions by the Nets, right now it is the Knicks city but beware Knicks fans, the Brooklyn Nets are coming.

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