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Mark Sanchez's days as a New York Jet are numbered

Mark Sanchezs facial expression after another key mistake

Yes, Mark took the Jets to two AFC Championship games in a row to start off his career, but ever since he has been anything but good.  Out of Mark's four seasons in his NFL career, the 2010 season is arguably his only exceptional year.  In his rookie year in 2009, Sanchez's mistakes were hidden by the exceptional defense of the Jets that ranked number one in the NFL that year and a sensational running game led by Thomas Jones.  This allowed Sanchez to just manage the game and make a few throws when they were desperately needed, in other words, he was not the feature guy at the time.  The Jets backed into the playoffs and won a couple road games with good defense before getting exposed by the Indianapolis Colts and Peyton Manning.  

In 2010, the Jets obtained Santonio Holmes and Braylon Edwards which gave Sanchez two explosive targets.  Expectations shot through the roof at the beginning of the 2010 season when Rex Ryan predicted the Jets would win the super bowl.  The Jets came within a game, but fell to the Steelers in the AFC Title game in an excruciating loss.  Although the Jets did not reach their goal, Sanchez had a great year and had a very impressive win in Foxboro against the Patriots in the AFC Divisional playoff game with 3 TD's. 

Entering the 2011 season, the Jets started to lose some key locker room guys such as Jerricho Cotchery and Tony Richardson.  Braylon Edwards and the Jets also parted ways.  With an average running game with Shonn Greene and a middle of the road defense, this meant that Sanchez had to step up and be THE guy for the Jets.  This point should not be overlooked, he has been absolutely terrible since.  Credit was given to him when he won, but when he has lost, he has done it badly.  Sanchez in the last 2 seasons has been absolutely dreadful.  His QBR has been one of the worst in league along with his completion percentage.  Also, he is in the top five in turnovers the last 2 seasons.  This past season he led the league in red-zone interceptions and no one forgets the infamous butt fumble.  No disrespect to Mark Sanchez, but it is pretty hard to run into your own lineman so hard that you get knocked down, and fumble the ball for a touchdown.  It was no more evident that Mark is not the guy when the Jets went to Tennessee with the season on the line last year and he had 5 turnovers.  That is not acceptable in New York.  If Geno Smith doesn't start this season, we will surely see him soon enough.

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