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Wheeler tries to show Giants what they could still have

Zack Wheeler and the Mets go for sweep of Giants

Zack Wheeler takes the mound today with the opportunity to make a statement to his former team.  The Giants traded away Wheeler in 2011 for a two month rental in Carlos Beltran for a shot at the world series.  Wheeler was sent to the Mets and has climbed his way through the farm system to the big leagues.  While he is 2-1 to start off his career, there have been some ups and downs. 

Ranging from a strong debut against the Braves to a bad outing against the Nationals, the young righty has a lot to learn.  If Wheeler can control his fastball better and pound the strike zone today against the struggling Giants, he should have some success.  Wheeler needs to throw much less breaking stuff to ensure that major league hitters don't sit on his off speed stuff.  

There will always be growing pains with young players, but with the hype around Wheeler, he could do himself a lot of favors today.  The Mets have talked up young pitching before.  For example, in the 1990's the Mets had a few young arms that they called Generation K and they never panned out.  Mets fans have been down this road before and are very hungry for winning baseball again in Flushing.  Zack Wheeler is a huge key if the Mets ever want to get back to their winning ways.

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