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With their 5th straight loss, the Jets are on the brink of free fall

The Problem:  Living in the past and stubbornness. 

For the first time in the Rex Ryan era, the New York Jets have lost five games in a row.  Where does the blame even begin?  Although it should start with the players who just have to play better, GM John Idzik did not do the team any favors by spending no more than a nickel on free agent talent.  And as for Rex Ryan, he is living in the stone age.  NFL teams can't win without a good quarterback anymore, and he just can't seem to comprehend that.  Owner Woody Johnson does not seem to disappointed about the team's performance as he is no where to be found after most of the team's bone-crushing losses.

What we are tired of:  "We are one play away."

I think Jet fans are getting tired of hearing,"we need to fix our mistakes" every week from the players and then seeing them occur again and again the next game.  The Jets can't smooth talk their way out of these losses anymore.  A simple,"we suck" would suffice.  No matter what your admiration for Rex Ryan is, he is starting to sound like former Jets head coach, Rich Kotite.  And once your head coach sounds like Rich Kotite, the season is most likely over.  We don't want to hear that the starting quarterback Geno Smith was at the movies instead of a mandatory team meeting the day before a game.  How many quarterbacks who have missed a mandatory meeting for a movie have went on to win the super bowl?  Most likely zero.  Rex, you should be taking notes.

The fix:  Clean house.

1.  Fire Rex Ryan.  2.  Fire John Idzik.  3.  Use the 20+ million dollars in the offseason for actual NFL players, assuming it wasn't pocketed by John Idzik.  4.  Instill a winning mentality with a coach that doesn't take any garbage and cares more about winning then his friendship with the players.  5.  Be fair to the fans, and don't challenge them when the team loses, as they have the right to complain.        

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