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Giants vs. Cowboys final prediction

Let's face it.  The Giants season will go as their game on sunday at the Dallas Cowboys goes.  A win, and they are right back in the division race.  A loss, and you can forget the division, and since the NFC is loaded with good teams, you can forget the wild card as well.  The Cowboys are more talented and more physical than the Giants.  They have better wide receivers and better running backs.  RB Demarco Murray is a man possessed on the field so far this season, running through defenses like a hot knife through butter.  Not to mention, the Dallas defense is playing out of their minds.  But, what scares me about picking the Cowboys to beat Big Blue?  Everyone is picking the Cowboys.  Until proven by a playoff berth, these Cowboys are still the Dallas Cowboys.  What does that mean?  It means that they are great at finding ways to mess things up.  Jerry Jones is starting to chirp a bit about how the Cowboys should sit back and "smell the roses."  No Jerry, your Cowboys should not do that.  The Cowboys always rise to the occasion when they are doubted, but when they are favored, they always find a way to mess things up.  That is why I'm rolling with Big Blue, who is coming off an embarrassing defeat, and will want to show the football landscape that last week's debacle was a fluke.

FINAL PREDICTION: Giants 24, Cowboys 17.

Tony Romo will have the ball with a chance to tie the game, but will do what Tony Romo does in pressure situations, throw a crushing interception in the red zone, showing that these Cowboys are not as great as people may believe.

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