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Metta World Peace a good fit for Knicks?

Should Knicks go after former Laker MWP?

While Metta World Peace is over the hill and past his prime, does he still have enough left in the tank to contribute for the Knicks?  Recently it was reported that World Peace wanted to retire if the Lakers put Amnesty on his salary.  Once they did, it was believed that he would retire but there is now still a small chance he could end up with his hometown team in the Knicks.  While MWP may not be able to provide the offensive spark he once did as Ron Artest, he could still provide some toughness for the Knicks that is greatly needed on the roster.  

When the Knicks got bounced by the Pacers in 6 in the Eastern Conference Semis, the Knicks were physically beat up on the glass.  World Peace could really provide the Knicks some stability with rebounding and on the defensive side of the ball.  On the flip side, Metta can come with a lot of baggage.  From the Malice at the palace to the elbowing of James Harden, World Peace always seems to find himself in the middle of controversy.  Another downside to signing World Peace is that he is getting up their in age and the Knicks have one of the older rosters in the league.  

While it is good to have experience, the NBA is an evolving league and is becoming a place where speed an athleticism is more valuable than tough gritty veterans.  Signing World Peace or not, the Knicks need to get a little bit younger and faster than the current roster is right now.

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