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Harvey to start in mid-summer classic for N.L. at Citi Field

Harvey to make biggest start of his career so far

Matt Harvey will start for the National League in tomorrow nights All Star Game.  This has been a huge story over the past few weeks as to who would start for the National League.  While it is clear the Harvey has been must watch T.V. and has been most dominant at his respective position this season, some would beg to differ.  Clayton Kershaw is one of the only N.L. pitchers with comparable numbers to Harvey, and he was very upset about the decision to not be the starter.  While he understands how it is good for the game and how Harvey deserves it, he felt that it would be a great experience for himself as well.  

Regardless, the Mets franchise will have a good representation at the all star game with two starters.  David Wright will also start for the N.L at third base.  This might very well be the bright spot of the Mets season and it shows that things are looking up for the Metropolitans in the coming years.  This is something the Mets have pushed for the past couple of weeks and finally got there wish when Bruce Bochey anointed Harvey the starter. 

Harvey has taken New York by storm and has become a hot sports ticket in the New York Area.  This could very well help the ratings for the game as well which has no other major competition for T.V. ratings tomorrow night.  The crowd is expected to be electric and it will be a special thing to watch.  Whether Harvey pitches well or not, it is a great honor to be the all star game starting pitcher and he will surely take the opportunity and run with it.  Matt Harvey is bringing a different attitude to baseball in New York, he is striving for perfection.

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