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Rex is all talk

Rex Ryan has been far from a winner
Rex Ryan always tells us how he's a winner and that all he knows how to do is win.  Well, if that were the case, then why would almost every decision he makes on the field contradict what he tells us?  If all Rex knows how to do is win, why does he continue to stand by Mark Sanchez?  Why does he say that he is a winner when he can never give the media one good reason as to a move he makes other than saying,"I believe it, you don't have to, but I just believe."  While in fairness, in his first two years in New York he put the Jets on the map, ever since he has slowly turned the franchise into a laughing stock.  I'm sure it can be counted on one finger how many people still want to hear Rex say after a complete debacle to say,"Mark gives us the best chance to win."  
How can he say this when Mark repeatedly gets in the way of the Jets even scoring an offensive point.  It has become apparent that until the Jets have a coach who cares about both sides of the ball, they aren't going anywhere.  How can we believe Rex knows what he's doing when he told us last year after a victory over Arizona that,"we feel confident about all three quarterbacks we have and a lot of teams would want to be in our position."  That comment from Rex either means that he thinks the fans don't understand anything or that he is delusional.  
Again, he got credit when he won but his constant disregard for the facts is just incomprehensible at times.  His so called great defense has also been average at best of late, and when that goes south, what else can he brag about?  It is obvious that he is going to go down with the ship with Mark Sanchez leading the collapse.  Some people are not good coaches and thats OK, after all it is just a game, but Rex has recently started to represent the franchise in a bad way off the field and that is a concern when he is the leader of a football team.

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