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Say it ain't so Geno

A Blutarsky, Geno Smith pulled a Blutarsky, a 0.0 passer rating.  What else is new?

Three completions to Buffalo Bill defenders and two completions to New York Jet receivers.  If I told you before the Jet game yesterday that Geno Smith would commit these inexcusable plays, you would have guessed that it was going to be a long day.  Well, it was. 

So, whose fault is it?  The answer is simple.  Everybody's.  The Jets have duped us all.  Geno Smith and Rex Ryan have played a trick on us, as well as GM John Idzik and Owner Woody Johnson.  They say that they care about the fans, but their actions prove otherwise.  They say that they work hard and have good weeks of practice, but their actions prove otherwise.  They say they are one play away, but again, their record proves otherwise.

NEWSFLASH TO THE JETS:  There is not a super bowl for the most good weeks of practice!  Nobody cares how good you felt about your week of practice!

All we hear about is how they are trying to play Jet football.  Is Jet football throwing interceptions and being a walking abomination?  Because it sure as heck doesn't mean anything else positive.  Also, raise your hand if you thought T.J. Graham was dead in the end zone yesterday. 

I wanted to like GM John Idzik, but he is patient to a fault.  He claims that in the NFL, spending does not translate to winning.  He says that you need to be patient and spend when the time is right.  Hey John, how about you spend period!  If you are 20 million dollars under the cap, then you are not trying to accomplish anything.  And when Idzik says he sees flashes in QB Geno Smith but wants to see more consistency, it would be nice to see Geno do anything positive once!  Consistency?  He can't even complete a pass!

The only thing the Jets fans have to look forward to is receiving a signed Geno Smith movie poster from their rewards points.  Geno, say it ain't so.


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