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New York NBA Predictions

My predicted records for the Knicks and Nets

New York Knicks


Brooklyn Nets


These are my predicted records for the Knicks and the Nets for the 2014-15 NBA season.  Why am I going with a better record for the Knicks?  Here is why.

Every year we hear that the Brooklyn Nets will go as PG Deron Williams goes.  Well I think he won't go very far this year.  Deron Williams time and time again comes up short when it matters most, and for a team to be so dependent on one player, it calls into question their depth.  Also pertaining to the Nets, we always talk about the health of C Brook Lopez.  When healthy Lopez is a top five center, but he is of no use when he is struggling to get on the floor.  He is still a risk to get hurt every night on the court, so I am selling on the Nets.  In addition, I think they will have a hard time adjusting to new head coach Lionel Hollins as well as the departure of savvy veteran SF Paul Pierce.  The Nets came in like a lion last year with a big splash trade, but since PF Kevin Garnett is the last man from that transaction remaining, a lot of the Nets luster has dissipated.  This will be a year void of playoff games for the Brooklyn Nets.  Sorry Nets fans.  

As for the Knicks, why am I so bullish on them?  Derek Fisher.  I believe that Fisher is a no nonsense guy and that the stuff allowed to fly last year will be quickly dealt with this time around.  This is more of a feel prediction than anything statistical.  The Knicks should be able to spread the floor much better this season, adding more cuts and slashes to the basket in their offense.  If they can buy in defensively, why not the Knicks?  Conventional logic would say that the Knicks are destined for another sub .500 season, seeing that they are starting from the ground up this season.  Call me crazy, but I believe they are the 7th seed in the East this year, finishing four games over .500.  Carmelo Anthony is going to have to play lights out, and oh yeah, J.R. Smith can't be caught partying at 4 a.m. the day of a game.  If all of those things align, the Knicks should be a surprise playoff team this season.      

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