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Ike needs to go

Ike Davis will never succeed for the Mets

No matter how you slice it, Ike isn't cutting it.  One decent week in triple A is not going to all the sudden translate to the MLB and make up for 3 months of absolute nothingness from Ike Davis.  When he first came up it was thought that maybe the Mets had finally found their power hitting first baseman.  Giving credit where credit is due, he performed well in his first year and showed flashes of brilliance.  Ever since, I mean, what can you say. 

He has become an automatic out at the plate and looks lost.  Obviously his early season slump last year can't be taken to seriously because of his illness that plagued him for most of the first half, but that doesn't excuse his performance so far this year.  The Mets have been more than fair to him and he has had more than enough chances.  Time and time again, we hear how Ike needs to get going, and were still waiting.  Even defensively, his play has slowly taken a turn for the worse.  

I understand the organization doesn't want to destroy his confidence, but if he doesn't face left-handed pitching, how will he ever learn?  Clearly, Ike is not made for New York.  Of course he is young and could very well pan out with another club, but shouldn't the Mets take that chance?  You can only wait so long for something to happen.  His play is affecting the team and he has a negative impact during games.  To be honest, his swing isn't even mechanically correct.  On every swing, he drops his hand and makes it tougher for himself to make good contact.  He faces a steady diet of breaking pitches and doesn't change his swing whatsoever.  Lets face it Met fans, Ike is done.

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