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While Michael Cuddyer is something, the Mets need to do more

Yes, the addition of OF Michael Cuddyer by the New York Mets is a pleasant surprise, but this move is bewildering for multiple reasons.  If Sandy Alderson is building for the future like he says, then why are the Mets investing in a 35 year old corner outfielder who is over the hill?  The deal is a multiple year deal most likely over $15 million per year.  The Mets have had cheaper opportunities for better players recently, such as last offseason, when they could have signed free agent superstar OF Nelson Cruz.  It just does not make sense that the Mets who are a cheap team to begin with would over pay for a player on the decline instead of spending less money on a much better player.

In any case, Michael Cuddyer obviously brings some offensive pedigree that will enhance the production of the Met's offense.  Cuddyer will provide more protection to David Wright and Curtis Granderson who will see many more pitches to hit this season.  Cuddyer will most likely be played in LF because the Mets have so much money invested in Curtis Granderson, it seems unlikely that they would dislodge him from his current standing with the club.  David Wright and Michael Cuddyer are from the same area in the Virginia Tidewater, hopefully allowing for a quick assimilation for Cuddyer into the Captain's good graces.  

Here is why I say this move is not enough.  Michael Cuddyer played 49 games last year, so he is obviously going to have to do a lot to play 150+ games this season.  If the Mets are paying him a ton of money, he needs to be out on the field.  I just do not understand how you can pay a guy that has recently been injured like that and is also getting up there in age and still rely on him.  In any case, the Mets now need to pursue an elite shortstop.  The three guys they must go after are the following:

1. SS Troy Tulowitzki

2. SS Elvis Andrus

3. SS Alexei Ramirez

The Mets fans were promised a contender in 2014, and that did not happen.  So with many months of the offseason to go, there are many more moves that could be made.  However, this is what the tentative 2015 Mets lineup may look like on opening day as of now.

1. CF Juan Lagares

2. 2B Daniel Murphy

3. 3B David Wright

4. 1B Lucas Duda

5. LF Michael Cuddyer

6. RF Curtis Granderson

7. C Travis D'arnaud

8. SS Wilmer Flores

9. SP Matt Harvey

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