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Big upcoming stretch for the Mets

Mets can close gap on first place Braves

While it is crazy to think, if the Mets sweep the upcoming four game series from the Atlanta Braves, they will trail them by 6 games.  As of now they trail the Braves by 10 games and are playing a bit better of late.  This series will have huge implications on the Mets roster decisions for the rest of the season.  If the Mets get swept and are 14 games out on Thursday afternoon, the Mets will more than likely be sellers at the trade deadline.  If they can take 3 of 4 or even sweep, it will keep them afloat for another week or so and will change the attitude the Mets have at the deadline.  

Yes, in all likelihood the Mets will find a way to start playing bad again, but in the past few weeks they have played very good baseball.  Why not try to add a couple inexpensive players that could possibly help the team?  A start would be cutting Ike Davis, because every game he plays for the Mets he performs terribly.  Sandy Alderson could also try to go after another reliever or an outfielder that can drive in runs and hit timely homers. 

It is hard to see the Mets making these moves because of their reluctance in the past to make changes.  Regardless of what the Mets are thinking of doing right now, the next 8 games against the Braves and the Nationals will show if this is the same old Mets that collapse in the second half or if they will be buyers at the trade deadline.  

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