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The Yankees need A-Rod NOW

A-Rods bat is needed desperately in the Bronx

Alex Rodriguez's scheduled return to the Yankees today has been changed because of tightness in his quadriceps.  He has a grade 1 strain and his return will now be at a later date.  Whether you hate A-Rod or not, you would be crazy to think that the Yankees do not need his bat right now.  The Yankees in the past 2 decades have always performed at a high level offensively, but now, they are one of the worst offenses in the American League and they are still remarkably 6 games over .500.  

Yes A-Rod brings baggage with him including the Biogenesis scandal but if the Yankees want a shot at the Wild Card, he needs to be at third base.  People who are counting out the Yankees are also premature because this is the one team in baseball that you cannot count out.  However, time is running out on the season and many of their stars are not giving them the contribution they once thought.  The big question surrounding A-Rods return is, how will he play? 

Obviously, is it unknown what he will provide but you cannot discount what he has done in his career.  His reputation is enough to give him a legitimate chance to provide some power in the struggling Yankee lineup.  No matter how you look at it, Luis Cruz and Zoilo Almonte are not cutting it.  

It is also surprising to see such an average lineup for the Yankees considering their demand for winning and expectations of world series or bust.  A-Rod may bring a spark, if he can get on the field.  If A-Rod can contribute, don't count out the Yankees.  

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