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Why the Giants should fire Tom Coughlin

Although two super bowls are hard to come by in the NFL, especially in close proximity to each other, they should not be the only defining thing for a coach.  Tom Coughlin is a very good coach, but it is time for change in New York.  Looking at the totality of Coughlin's tenure with the Giants, he has missed the playoffs in four of his last five seasons.  The Giants are not a shoe-in for the playoffs every year like they should be.  I want to compare Coughlin to Bill Belichick, because it will put to rest the argument about how Coughlin deserves to be held onto by the Giants.

Bill Belichick has won three super bowls with the Patriots, and if anyone calls for him to be fired, that is what he can fall back on, similarly to what Coughlin can fall back on with his two super bowl rings in New York.  There is one difference, however, between the two.  Belichick brings his team to the playoffs every year, and has his Patriots in the thick of the super bowl conversation every year.  Tom Coughlin seems to struggle to get his team motivated for big games at times, and has had his team miss the playoffs four out of the last five years.  If I'm a Giant fan, I think it would be time for me to start thinking about the present and to stop hearing about how Coughlin won a couple of super bowls several years ago.  

It is often forgotten that the Giants did Coughlin a favor by hanging onto him early on in his tenure with the Giants when people were calling for his job.  So why do the Giants owe him anything now?  Why sacrifice more years of the team just so you can cater to a guy who is on the decline?  No one is saying Coughlin is a bad coach, but it is not working anymore.  The Giants are in danger of having their second losing season in a row, the first time under Tom Coughlin's watch.

GM Jerry Reese has not done Coughlin any favors with his suspect draft picks the last few years, but Coughlin is still the head coach.  Unfortunately, coaches get too much credit when their team wins and get too much of the blame when their team loses.  When Tom Coughlin was going good, the Giants could never be counted out.  When everybody would say they are done, they would rise up and shock the NFL landscape.  When the Giants don't have a chance now, they really don't have a chance.  

Take today at home vs. San Francisco today, there is no way the Giants can win this game.  It is hard to see how Tom Coughlin is going to be able to out coach a team in the 49ers that is clawing for a playoff spot while his own team is 3-6 and on the brink of free fall.  Coughlin talks about execution, but maybe his game plans just aren't that good.  For example, last week the Giants were in Seattle and got gashed by Russell Wilson on the read option multiple times.  They kept running the same play, and the Giants kept falling for it, they couldn't stop a nosebleed last week.  No adjustments were made, and that has to fall on the coaches.  Then you add the comments by J.P.P., and you start to wonder, what happened to the "Giant Way?"  How can you let your star defensive end be in the bathroom while you are supposedly making halftime adjustments?

At some point, you have to hold people accountable in times of turmoil and not constantly revert back to the two super bowls won in the past.  

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