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Jets hoping to resign Braylon

Edwards taking Jets physical

Yes Braylon Edwards is old but lets face it, the Jets need all the help they can get.  If he were to resign with the Jets, he would at least provide professional experience at the wide receiver position.  Right now the Jets have almost no offensive weapons whatsoever and Braylon at least has succeeded in New York before.  Sanchez or Smith, whoever starts would at least have a decent average NFL receiver to throw the ball to. 

As of now, the best receiver on the team that will be there on opening day is Jeremy Kerley.  It doesn't even look like Santonio Holmes will even make it to the opener.  The Jets need to sign Edwards soon though if they are going to because they are installing a new offensive philosophy and he needs to be here for the start of camp to become more familiar with the new offense. 

Right now, it isn't looking good in Jets camp and it is honestly hard to understand why Edwards would even want to come back.  In his short stay with the Jets, he has provided some spark on offense and could be of value to the team if he were able to get back in shape.  If he signs, it will be interesting to here his input on the quarterback competition between Smith and Sanchez. 

It will also be compelling to here who he rather have passing the ball to him on Sundays.  Braylon Edwards gives the Jets some diversity because of his deep play capabilities, it is just a fact, they need him.

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