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Why being a Mets fan is so hard

A group of tired Mets fans

Unless you were born before 1986, you have seen only a handful of memorable moments as a Mets fan.  Being a Mets fan takes more than just watching a game here and there, you know your a die-hard fan when it affects your everyday mood.  Every Mets fan knows that feeling when things are so bad that you don't think they can get any worse, but guess what happens, they get much much worse.  Whether its the 2007 collapse or Beltran taking a called third strike to end the NLCS or even being up 3 games to 2 in the 1973 World Series, we've all witnessed our Met meltdowns.  

Younger generation or older generation, we've all been there.  Being a Met fan also tests your character to the highest limits.  Even though they are so dreadful, are you able to keep positive no matter what and stick by the team?  Or are you so disappointed that you just give up.  The few remaining Mets fans that are left keep positive no matter what and they deserve some credit because there is very little to be positive about.

 Losing season after losing season takes a toll on fans.  Its also annoying to hear about prospects year after year and seeing them turn into busts year after year.  Having expensive ticket prices for a mediocre product at best and demanding your loyalty to the team when they don't show you the respect back is also disheartining.  The rebuilding gets old and hearing that you have to be patient gets old.  Most Met fans remember every key moment of the franchise because there are so few of them. Once again this year they look like they are headed for oblivion, will they ever be good again?

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