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A-Rod suspension looming

Suspension could come at any moment

Within the next couple of days, one of the biggest sports stories of the decade will be unleashed.  Alex Rodriguez could possibly receive a lifetime ban from the game of baseball.  Obviously, ones first reaction is, is what he did so bad?  The answer to that right now is unknown.  

Although some MLB officials who have the evidence know, most of baseball and the general public do not.  It is known however that A-Rod did not fail a drug test but he did try to interfere with the investigation with biogenesis.  A-Rod is one of the most scrutinized athletes in sports and this developing story is going to get huge amounts of attention.  

A big reason for the continued drama is that A-Rod is the only player of 9 who is fighting this and not accepting a deal from the MLB.  He has hired defense attorney Roy Black who is one of the best in the country.  It is very plausible that the MLB could ban A-Rod for life which would allow him to appeal and possibly win through the courts. 

A-Rod has not helped himself through his image in the public eye either.  He has recently come out saying he wants to be a role model and somebody to look up to.  I think its a little too late for that Alex.  This story has almost gotten too much attention to be honest, it is amazing how someone who does so much wrong gets this amount of attention but there are other people out in the world doing good things and they barely get noticed.  Thats just how society is today but with that said A-Rod could be dealt his suspension as early as tomorrow.  One of the greatest players ever will possibly receive a lifetime ban.

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