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Collins rips Wheeler

Collins shows something he hasnt

"Once in a while you got to reach back and say, 'Hey, I'm picking [my teammate] up today. He dives and makes a catch for me last week or gets a big hit, today I'm picking him up.' And that's when you really start earning the respect of your teammates," Collins said. "I'm not saying Zack wasn't giving us effort. I'm just saying at that particular time, that would've been the time to get off the mound, and say 'This is it boys. This is going to be mine. I might be coming out after this inning, but this inning is going to be shut down.'"   

These comments by Terry Collins to Zack Wheeler can be interpreted in a couple of different ways.  Personally, the comments came off as a little harsh but you can understand where Collins is coming from.  The Mets just stink right now and Wheeler who has been so highly touted has been average at best since coming up.  His command and composure on the mound has not been what was advertised by the Mets before the season started.  

With that said Collins is entering a slippery slope going after a young pitcher like this, it could be a negative influence on Wheeler's confidence.  Two things can happen as a result of these comments.  Wheeler can almost shut down and not perform at the high level he is aspiring to or he can step up and show everyone why the Mets traded Carlos Beltran for him.  Mets fans are getting tired of these prospects not living up to the hype.

  These comments also might start to show Sandy Alderson that maybe the Mets might have to go in a different direction at manager.  It will be interesting to see how Collins handles the team going forward in this recent slump. Can he keep them afloat or will they go into their usual tailspin?

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