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Sanchez starting preseason opener does matter

The buttfumble

While some like to think that Sanchez being named the starter for Friday's preseason opener means nothing, it makes it that much more obvious that Sanchez will be gang green's starter this season.  If the Jets were actually serious about a QB change, then why not send a message and start Geno to see what he has?  We already know what Mark Sanchez is about, interceptions and fumbles.

 Why would it be such a bad thing to put Geno right in there and see what he is made of.  When Rex was talking about naming Sanchez as the starter he said,"it seemed like the natural thing to do."  Since when is naming a quarterback second in the league the last 4 years in turnovers the natural thing to do? 

This just foreshadows to what the season will be like.  The endless coddling of Mark Sanchez and the endless excuses of how he deserves the job and how he's earned it without even doing anything to earn it.  Yes, there is the chance that Sanchez bombs the preseason and that Jets have no choice but to go with Smith, but Mark won't even play enough in the preseason to look that bad.  

The most he will play in a game is one half and since the Jets have some injured 1st string offensive players, that will likely be used as another excuse as to why he couldn't drive the team down the field for one offensive touchdown. 

The fact that Rex even had the nerve to ask the fans to stop booing Mark also tells you that Mark is the front runner for the job.  How do they expect Jet fans to just forget Mark's ineptitude  that wasted their hard earned money week after week.  Buckle up Jets fans, its going to be a bumpy flight. 

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