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Why the Yankees should stay away from Troy Tulowitzki

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports
Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Contrary to the Mets, the Yankees do not want to go after Troy Tulowitzki.  Why?  Because the Yankees the past couple of years have overpaid for players who are injury prone.  Mark Teixiera, Brian McCann and Carlos Beltran are all being paid big bucks but are far from a sure thing to be on the field every game.  The last thing the Yankees want is to spend $100+ million on a guy who can only play half of a season.  Also, the Yankees have already traded for shortstop Didi Gregorious, so a push for Tulowitzki wouldn't make much sense.  The Yankees need to get younger and develop players down on the farm.  They have been stuck in this odd position since the "core four" retired where they have no prospects but want to win now so they overpay for big names and shun the farm system.  Eventually, this poor management is going to catch up to the Yankees.  In fact, it already has, with them missing the playoffs the past two seasons.  Something that people who were born after 1995 never thought they would see in their lifetime.  

Even though the Yankees shouldn't go after Troy Tulowitzki, it is very plausible that they do.  Regardless of what GM Brian Cashman is saying now and how all signs point to no more big acquisitions for the Yankees, when it is late January and the Yankees are fearing that they don't have enough firepower for their fans, they may flinch.  The problem is that they Yankees don't have much to give the Rockies for Tulowitzki so that would mean bankrupting the rest of their farm system, and that would be a mistake.  

I say ride it out with Didi Gregorious for a year, and after all, he could be a gold glover with his fielding skills.  No matter who replaces Derek Jeter at shortstop, people are always going to be expecting more from that successor, so even if Tulowitzki came to the Yankees, there is no telling on how he would handle the New York spotlight.  These are all things  the Yankees need to consider before setting their franchise back again with another max contract that does not benefit the team long term.  Because of their payroll, the Yankees are one of the few teams in baseball that can rebuild at the same time as trying to win now, and that is why I advocate for more patience on apart of the Yankees rather than the Mets who have been rebuilding since before I was even a thought on this earth.  

For those who are holding out hope that Tulowitzki can still be a Yankee, there is a way.  Because the Yankees just traded veteran second baseman Martin Prado, second base is now being competed for by two prospects.  If the Yankees are insecure about their second base situation, they could theoretically move Didi Gregorious to second base and make a huge push for Tulowitzki to be their future shortstop.  Another possibility is keeping Gregorious at shortstop and making a push for Daniel Murphy from the Mets to play second base.  Murphy would seem to be a good fit due to his lefty swing that would be tailor made for Yankee Stadium's short porch. 

Only time will tell for the Yankees and GM Brian Cashman.  

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