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Geno reportedly had a brutal practice today according to Rex Ryan

Why even call it a quarterback battle?

Good to know Rex.  Why should your opinion about quarterbacks even be heard?  You don't even pay attention to the quarterbacks during the game and your only focused on the defense as a head coach. Even if Smith did have a bad practice, so what?  Last time I heard its about how you perform on Sundays and not in practice.  That is the one thing that no one seems to bring up in this quarterback battle and the same thing happened when Tim Tebow was on the team last season.  Yes, Mark Sanchez is a decent practice player but he is dreadful in games. 

I would rather my quarterback be terrible in practice and win games on Sundays than visa versa.  This is what Rex and the Jets did last year even though Tebow had proved in limited time that all he did was win with the Broncos.  Rex and the Jets sold this message to everyone that Tebow was so bad in practice that the Jets had to go with Mark and that Mark gave them the "best chance to win."  This is going to happen all year long and you can see the writing on the wall. 

The battle is slowly shifting in favor of Mark Sanchez.  People keep saying how the Jets have been fair to Geno and it will be interesting to see how he handles this adversity compared to how Sanchez came back after the interception in the first game, but let me tell you something, Mark Sanchez had this franchise handed to him four years ago and has been giving every chance in the world.  

The only adversity he has faced as the quarterback of the Jets is people making fun of his headband, he has been given everything.  The Jets continue to make excuses for him and build him up when there is clearly nothing there.  To quote Steve Smith, a wide receiver for the Carolina Panthers,"I wouldn't let Mark Sanchez throw me a paper bag sandwich.  He sucks."

Thanks for nothing Rex.

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