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Rex Ryan and John Idzik get the boot

Woody Johnson finally made a correct decision.  The Jets have cleaned house and now have vacancies at both head coach and general manager.  A failure to clean house by Woody would have been showing that he wasn't in touch with the fans, but he finally did something that they wanted.  Although the Jets are far from being fixed, they have finally completed the first step in turning the franchise around.  No matter how much criticism has been directed towards gang green, the Jets are now ready to be on the mend.  

Rex Ryan had some highs and lows with the Jets, but the two things that plagued him the most were his stubbornness and myopic views.  He rarely payed attention to the offensive aspects of his respective Jets teams and he would not make  the changes necessary to win due to his fear of ruining relationships.  Although he put the Jets on the map upon his arrival in 2009 with back to back AFC championship game appearances, he will be remembered for his media attention more than anything else.  It was time for Rex to go, and most likely, he would even tell you that.  Some may say that he never had a quarterback in New York, but he played a big part in that by helping draft Mark Sanchez and not setting a higher standard at the position.

As for John Idzik, not much can be said.  He had one very good draft pick in two years in Sheldon Richardson, but that pick does not make up for the other horrid picks and transactions he made.  Idzik left this year's team void of any talent coming off of an encouraging 8-8 season, an act that made people question his common sense.  His first pick as the Jets GM in Dee Milliner was a complete bust, and his first pick this year, Calvin Pryor, may be the next of many draft busts over the past two years for the Jets.  Idzik had a press conference this year when the Jets were 1-7, trying to show his frustration, but his comments were bewildering and further distanced himself from the Jets fans. The few thousand fans who pushed for Idzik's ouster may have been a bigger factor in the GM's firing than Woody Johnson may have let on.

As for the potential future candidates for the Jets vacancies, there are tons of names being thrown out there.  Obviously, Jim Harbaugh is no longer available due to his deal with Michigan.  The next two men for the Jets, however, must be football guys and disciplinarians who will acquire guys that are winners and nothing but winners.   

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