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The circus just doesn't end

Rex is done

What is Rex Ryan thinking?  The move to put Sanchez in the game in the fourth quarter last weekend was just an absolute mishap on his part.  Whether you like Mark Sanchez or not, since when is it smart to put your possible week 1 starting quarterback into the 4th quarter of a meaningless preseason game.  It is laughable when Rex says that he made this decision because he wanted to win and he doesn't regret it whatsoever.  I don't think Jet fans care about the record of the team during preseason.  

This was a clear disregard of orders from the general manager John Idzik who seems to have different opinions on who should start for the team.  Rex's press conference reaction was also very unprofessional.  Once you crumble under the media in New York, it is only a matter of time before your on your way out.  

That is currently what is taking place with Rex Ryan.  The fact that the Jets won't even know their starting quarterback until after the 4th preseason game is destructive to the team.  How can anyone prepare when they don't even know who will be leading them out of the tunnel on game day?  Rex may have convinced himself that he has everything under control, but Rex, nobody is going to buy this garbage in New York.  Thanks for nothing.

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