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Crushing day for Yanks

Sox sock the Yankees

The Yankees have been making a serious playoff push, but the last three days have put a serious damper on their postseason hopes.  Yes, they are only three games out of the second wild card spot but they have lost three demoralizing games in a row.  The one thing the Yankees have been known for in recent years is that you have to play them for 9 innings because they are never out of it until the last out.  

On Thursday, they played with that attitude making a huge comeback and taking the lead.  Ironically, the most reliable closer in the history of baseball in Mariano Rivera blew the game and the Yankees wound up losing.  This is a sign that maybe the Yankees just have too much to overcome and that it might not be their year. 

Yesterday, they were up 8-3 in the 6th on their way to a big victory.  This time they were the ones who blew the big lead and wound up losing another heartbreaking defeat.  Then there was today, down 12-3 making it interesting at 12-9 but then losing 13-9.  These last 3 games have been crushing to the pinstripes.  Theres no sugar coating it.  

Tomorrow represents a must-win and will really show what type of character this Yankee team has.  For whats been missing in talent the Yankees have made up for in heart this season.  While many after these three games have probably waved the white flag, they still have a small window to make that potent postseason push.  

It all starts tomorrow for the Yankees, can they bounce back?  Or will they fold against the red hot Red Sox?

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