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Alex Rodriguez will continue to haunt the Yankees

Victor Chavez/WireImage
Victor Chavez/WireImage

Alex Rodriguez of the New York Yankees never seems to disappoint in terms of creating news stories.  This time around, he feels that third base is his starting spot to lose.  This has made so much noise because the Yankees just signed Chase Headley to a multi-million dollar deal to play third base.  Although A-Rod is delusional and has done some less than admirable things recently, like urinating on his cousin's floor to mark his territory, I have to agree with A-Rod's mindset on this one.  Any player should feel that they are a starter until proven otherwise, mostly due to the fact that a positive mindset can increase productivity on the field.  From a Yankees perspective, A-Rod's words are like hearing nails on a chalkboard.  They do not want this guy around, and if it weren't for the haunting contract they signed him to many years ago, he would be gone faster than you could blink.

Until A-Rod breaks another law or violates some MLB policy, the Yankees are stuck with him.  Any time a baseball player is creating stories in January, it can't be good.  Aside from his antics, however, a healthy A-Rod is nothing to sneeze at.  If he can produce on the field, a lot of the Yankee brass will again look the other way, just as they did on his MVP run in 2009.  Amidst all the controversy surrounding him, it is often forgotten that A-Rod is one of the best pure mistake hitters in the last 30 years.  If you throw him a mistake, he will cash in, and leave very little doubt.  

In any case, A-Rod is still A-Rod, and we have not heard the last of him, and it is only January.  The Yankees have been somewhat quiet in terms of news stories the last couple of years, but that will certainly change with A-Rod back from his drug suspension.  When it comes to Alex, nothing is impossible.  He could either hit 50 home runs this year or get busted again for taking an illegal substance.

Only time will tell, but one things for sure, A-Rod will not disappoint from a news standpoint.  If he is performing terribly because of his bad hips in mid-July, and the Yankees are concerned, there is nothing they can do.  Unless they are willing to eat millions of dollars to finally cut their losses with A-Rod, he is here to stay.  And while he is here, it can't bode well for the Yankees.  

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