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Pittsburgh Punishes The Jets

Geno stymied by the Steelers

Geno Smith showed today that he is the classic NFL rookie quarterback.  We have been spoiled the past few years by rookies who have come in and been extremely successful right away.  That is not the case with Geno Smith.  Geno has been very up and down showing flashes of brilliance along with showing flashes of Mark Sanchez.  The Jets were outplayed today by a desperate (0-4) Pittsburgh Steelers team that was well rested coming off of a bye week. 

The Steelers countered the Jets dominant front seven with quick passes to the sideline.  These passes also helped out the Steelers weak offensive line.  There were three glaring plays from the game.  The first by Antonio Cromartie who got burned for a long touchdown by Emmanuel Sanders.  This play was just unacceptable, and there are some serious questions as to whether Antonio Cromartie is helping or hurting the New York Jets.  

Then there were the two Geno Smith interceptions.  The first was thrown in the red zone when the Jets were down 10 trying to close the gap.  This interception was a momentum killer and pretty much sealed the faith of the Jets for the game.  The second interception came with a few minutes left in the game and even though Geno was getting hit, there was not a receiver in sight of where he threw the ball.  

The finger can not only be pointed at Geno, the Jets defense was killed on third down and could not get off the field.  A combination of bad defense and bad offense equaled a 19-6 defeat for the Jets.  The Jets now face a (5-1) Patriots team in a game with huge AFC East implications.

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