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Carmelo Anthony has embarrassed himself

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Often times in sports today players are focused on marketing their brand and reaping as many benefits as possible from their brand.  I have nothing against a player trying to earn as much money as he possibly can.  However, when a player puts himself above the team that is writing his paycheck, I start to have a problem with it.  Carmelo Anthony has clearly through his actions this season put himself above the team.  He has deliberately sat out games to rest up for the all-star game.  He even sat out the Knicks last game before the break against the Orlando Magic to be extra rested for the all-star game!  Yes, he has a knee injury, but if he is hurt, then why can't he sit out the all-star game too?  After he sat out the game against the Magic, it came out that he was thinking about sitting out the rest of the season after the all-star game.  So basically, he threw in the towel on the season and decided to get whatever marketing he could from it by possibly playing an extra five minutes at the all-star game before shutting it down.  Isn't that nice, a guy who is making over $20 million a year is still putting his business aspirations ahead of the team that has allowed him to make money in the first place!

Again, I have no problem with players trying to receive as big of a contract as they can, but once you are under contract with a team, you owe it to them to give a product back to them.  Carmelo Anthony has exceptional talent, but is not a winner and never will be.  He is a selfish player who doesn't take the necessary sacrifices to win.  The other day I was at a Knicks game at Madison Square Garden, and the first thing I see when I get to my seats? An advertisement for Carmelo's new shoe brand.  Its nice to know that while the Knicks are mired in their worst season in the history of the franchise, Carmelo is exploring the "business" side of himself.  If this all-star game was in Indianapolis, he would have had his knee surgery a month ago.  Its disappointing to see that the Knicks star player cares more about his net worth than the team that has given him all the money he wants.  

Carmelo Anthony claims he wants to be an "ambassador" for the Knicks in order to attract marquise free agents for the offseason free agent push.  But Carmelo doesn't have to play five minutes in the all-star game to do that!  He can sit out the game and still partake in all of the festivities and try to showcase New York to offseason free agent options.  That excuse for Melo' is a copout.  And might I add, where is Phil Jackson in all of this?  His inaction says it all.  If he does not condemn Melo' for this, he condones it.  Plain and simple.  He was supposed to come in and stand for a no nonsense policy but in actuality he has done nothing but create more of a mess.  And don't even get me started on James Dolan and his embarrassing response to an upset fan.

This situation has gone from bad to worse, and yes Carmelo Anthony can put a basketball in a hoop, but that is all he can do.  He cannot lead people and does not value other people anywhere close to himself.  Melo' has been a tragic figure because people have felt that he has to carry the team, but no matter how you have viewed him in the past, this is a selfish act and really shows his true colors.  Sorry Melo', but this is just unacceptable.  

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