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Can the Giants Win the NFC East?

Eli getting pressure in their 15-7 victory over the Eagles

Just when you thought the Giants were out of it, they have won two straight games and are in the playoff conversation in the NFC East.  Lets be real for a second.  Yes, the Giants started out (0-6), but they are playing a banged up Oakland team this week and are not going to see Aaron Rodgers when they face the Packers in two weeks. 

All kidding aside, the Giants could easily improve to (4-6).  The one thing that is keeping people from believing is the putrid play from the offensive line.  How can Eli lead a miracle second-half comeback if he is getting sacked before he even finishes his drop?  Another thing going for the Giants is that the NFC East is very weak.  Even though the Dallas Cowboys just improved to (5-4), they always find a way to lose it.  The Giants are also only a game behind Washington and a game and a half behind the Philadelphia Eagles.  For the Giants to pull this off, they need to be perfect. 

Peyton Hillis needs to start running effectively.  Eli also needs to cut down on the turnovers, which have been absolutely demoralizing to the team.  Big Blue's defense has surprisingly stepped up the past couple weeks but the secondary is still very suspect.  More zone packages might help limit the big plays that they have been giving up this season because of their poor corner play.  The Giants might be down, but they are not out. 

One thing I have learned is that when the Giants are doubted the most, they seem to rise to the occasion.  This team has too much pride and has too much respect for Tom Coughlin.  That is why in my prediction I have the Giants blowing out the Oakland Raiders just as their division rivals, the Philadelphia Eagles did last week.

To clarify, these Giants are not a good team, but they are not much worse than the rest of their division.

Prediction:  Giants 42, Raiders 17.

The Giants will dominate from the opening kickoff with a spirited defensive effort and electric plays from Eli and company.  The Raiders may be an inferior opponent, but it will start getting people to believe in Big Blue once again. 

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