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Its put up or shut up time for the Mets

All offseason the Mets have been blowing a lot of smoke and bluster, but that all stops now as MLB Spring Training is right around the corner.  No matter what the Mets say in terms of their potential, we will all have the real answer starting in the beginning of April.  Whether it is there young pitching, or new acquisitions(or lack there of), they are still a sub .500 team until proven otherwise.  I have never heard so much confidence from a team that needs so many things to break perfect just to be in the 80 win range.  I don't fault the Mets for having a positive mindset, but this false sense of confidence is what results in a lack of interest in improving the status quo.  We have seen this year after year, and there is no reason that this year is any different.  

Lets Break it down: The MAJOR Questions

SP Matt Harvey: Coming off of a major injury and surgery.

3B David Wright: Coming off of a major injury.

OF Michael Cuddeyer: Played 49 games last year for the Colorado Rockies and is 35 years old.

OF Curtis Granderson: Had a batting average of .227 last season.

RHP Bobby Parnell: Slated as the closer to beat and is coming off of a major injury and major surgery.

SS Wilmer Flores: Has a .240 batting average with 354 career at bats and is being anointed as the starting opening day shortstop with Rueben Tejada as the back up plan(oh boy).

As you can see, for a team that has high expectations, there are several question marks.  And not to be misconstrued, I am not saying that this team shouldn't have high expectations at this point, but rather, they have constructed this team so poorly over six years that they have dug themselves into hole that I do not see themselves climbing out of.  It is analogous with a student who puts off his project that is due in a little while down the road.  He says he will do it the next day, or the next year in the case of the Mets, so nobody can question him.  But when he gets towards the due date, and he pumps up his project, he in actuality did not do his due diligence to complete it effectively.  The Mets have ran out of time, and judgement day is right around the corner.

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