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Does the Grandy Man Make the Mets a Threat in the NL East? Would Brandon Philips Put them Over the Top?

The Mets finally have a pro who is proud to be in Queens

With the signing of free agent OF Curtis Granderson, the Mets finally have a professional home run hitting outfielder.  Regardless of his age and health, it is a good sign that the Mets are willing to spend some type of money.  But why stop there?  Yes, Granderson might help the Mets offense score a bit more, but trading for a player like Brandon Philips would really solidify the Mets lineup.  Imagine a 3,4,5 punch consisting of David Wright, Curtis Granderson, and Brandon Philips.  Even with other possible holes in the lineup, that sounds pretty solid.  The Philips trade is a big if, but why not?  Sandy Alderson needs to do everything he possibly can to bring him to Queens.  The Mets promised a contender in 2014, so its time for Sandy to put up.  The Harvey loss is devastating, and the Bartolo Colon addition is a start, but more moves need to be made.  The Mets cannot just say, we signed Granderson and now we're done.  They need to keep their foot on the gas pedal.  With the addition of a solid closer and a player of Philips' caliber or Philips himself would make the Amazins very interesting this season.  Its a wait and see period right now as the Mets have to make a move fast.

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