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Its Time For Woody To Go

Mike Woodson has lost the Knicks, and will soon lose his job

Even with the absence of PG Raymond Felton and SG Carmelo Anthony, it was apparent on the Knicks Christmas Day debacle that Head Coach Mike Woodson has lost the team.  While it is not all Woody's fault, he is not doing anything to help the already volatile situation.  The Knicks are a poorly constructed team by a poor owner in James Dolan.  It seems from the outside that all Coach Woodson does is stare at a guy when they don't play defense.  This strategy is clearly not a working one and it is having a negative impact.  Why doesn't Woodson make the same angered face when J.R. Smith hoists up twenty threes in a game and only hits two?

  This is very similar to Rex Ryan, they both only care about defense and they cannot win with that mindset.  Carmelo Anthony is not innocent either, even though he consistently puts up a lot of points, so what?  He never makes his teammates better and does not appear to add much value to the club.  At first thought you may think, thats crazy.  But how many games this season has Melo really helped the team?  If anything, he hogs the basketball and wrecks offensive possessions.  

The Knicks caught lighting in a bottle with their 3-point shooting last year, but that cannot be the sole reason they are able to win.  They need a stout big man underneath, and the truth is, Tyson Chandler is just not putting up as of now.  Sometimes the truth hurts, but please raise your hand if you want to see Tyson's stat line of 4 points, 4 rebounds, and 5 fouls again?  I certainly do not.  While many of these issues are not on Mike Woodson, the teams effort is in his control.  The Knicks have quit, it is apparent from every conceivable angle.  

 The East is so horrific that the Knicks might sneak in as an eight seed as a miracle, but they would most certainly get schooled in the first round by Miami or Indiana.  

The Knicks are in free fall and are frankly an embarrassment to the NBA.  Its harsh, but its true.  The only saving grace is that they are somehow even with the dreaded Brooklyn Nets from across town. Knicks fans deserve much better than this.  For James Dolan to recently say no changes are imminent, the only plausible thing left to do seems to be for fans to boycott the games. Get ready for a long season, Knicks fans.


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