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Are the Yankees title contenders?

Can the Yankees get back to their dominance?

With four standout moves from the Yankees this offseason, they have thrust themselves into the American League Pennant conversation.  At the beginning of the offseason, many wondered if the Yankees would even make a big transaction because they wanted to get under the luxury tax.  Now, they have committed millions upon millions of dollars to four above-average players.  Just when you thought there was a changing of the guard in the A.L East with the Red Sox winning the World Series last October, the Yankees have added Brian McCan, Jacoby Ellsbury, Carlon Beltran, and Japanese phenom Tomoka Tanaka.

 There are many reasons for these moves, with the obvious being to win.  However, the Yankees viewership and income were down in 2013 for the first time and a long time and they need to put more people in the seats.  Even with the loss of their superstar second baseman Robinson Cano, the Yankees have tremendously upgraded their roster and have new life for the upcoming season.  Different than Yankees spending in years past however, these transactions involve a lot of risk.  Aside from Tanaka, all the players they have acquired are getting up there in age and have a history of injury problems.  When looking at Tanaka, it is never known whether a Japanese player's success in Japan will translate to the Major Leagues. 

The Yankees practically bought a title in 09', it will be interesting to see if they can duplicate that type of season in 2014.  Only time will tell if the Yankees aggressive spending is still the way to win in this league, but for now, high hopes and optimism will dominate the headlines.  For now..

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