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The Knicks Are In Free Fall

Carmelo Anthony and the Knicks are in free fall

With their second consecutive loss, the Knicks have fell to 21-35 and are now falling off the pace for the playoffs in the Eastern Conference.  It is laughable to hear the word playoffs and the Knicks in the same sentence at this point, mostly because the Knicks cannot even defeat teams that are at the bottom of their conference.  

For example, the Bucks, Magic, and Kings have all beat the Knicks even though they are having putrid seasons to say the least.  Sometimes teams can be exciting even with a poor record, but the Knicks are playing uninspired basketball.  

Carmelo Anthony is the only player on the team that is competing, and it is difficult to watch.  Regardless of how much Coach Mike Woodson is to blame, he needs to go.  The team looks defeated and quits on various occasions.  In other words, this means total free fall for the organization.  There are not many words to describe how badly this team has performed in comparison to the high expectations, and it is frankly quite depressing. 

Every aspect of the organization gets an F for a grade in my book.  The Knicks need to gut the organization and completely start over, or else this oblivion will continue to occur.  

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