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The Mets couldn't hit water if they fell off of a boat

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

For those that defended Sandy Alderson's long term plan when he began his tenure as Mets General Manager, it is time to wave the white flag.  The Mets are wasting great pitching and an opportunity to contend this season.  The Washington Nationals are begging for the Mets to take the NL East crown.  If the Mets aren't going to go for it now, when will they ever go for it?  No trade is good enough for them; They routinely pass on players because they "don't like them" while what they go with instead is worse, and they try to wait for a deal that will never come.  Just today the Pittsburgh Pirates acquired third baseman Aramis Ramirez from the Milwaukee Brewers.  Ramirez was a hot topic in Mets trade rumors, but the Mets "were not impressed with him" according to multiple reports close to the team.  Instead, the Mets continue to play Eric Campbell at third base who has hit three home runs this season, eight less than Aramis Ramirez.  So, in short, the Mets prefer a guy who has 3 home runs and 17 RBI's over Ramirez who has 11 home runs and 42 RBI's.  Let that sink in for a moment.  I guess the Mets are more interested in contending during the year 2045 than going for it this year.  Apparently, the Mets were hesitant to go after Ramirez because they would not be able to receive a compensatory first round pick for him.  That is funny because the Mets drafted position prospect Brandon Nimmo in 2011 and he probably won't be ready until the Wilpons sell the team, or in other words, never.  So basically the Mets didn't want Ramirez because they wouldn't receive a draft pick who may never play for the team.  What a logical decision by the Mets, they really know what they are doing.  

 This inaction by the Mets is just the latest of terrible managerial decisions by the organization.  Mets recent free agent signing Michael Cuddyer has been battling a knee injury the past couple of weeks.  Instead of putting Cuddyer on the disabled list, they are keeping him on the roster.  There is just one problem, he isn't playing!  Instead of placing him on the DL and opening up a roster spot for highly touted outfield prospect Michael Conforto, the Mets are keeping Cuddyer active and essentially playing with a 24 man roster.  Why have 25 players when you can just have 24?  I mean, the season is so long, why not just make it more difficult for your team than it already is.  As for the Mets OF hitting prospect Michael Conforto, what else is there to say?  He is tearing it up in double A, but the Mets are afraid to ruin his confidence.  This is a true testament to how afraid the Mets are.  Its funny that the Mets don't mind playing Kirk Nieuwenhuis who is batting .169 at the big league level, but they are afraid to bring Michael Conforto up because he may struggle.  The Mets make decisions every day that make you question their sanity.  It is almost as if they are following a book that is titled how not to win.  If that were the case, everything would finally make sense.  It seems that every time you look up, a player is benched the day after he hits well or a guy is sat down because he is tired.  Raise your hand if your done hearing that the Mets didn't play well because their flight got in late the night before the game.  The list goes on and on and on.

As for General Manager Sandy Alderson, congratulations, you sit back and watch Omar Minaya's draft picks play well and take credit for them.  You made one good trade when you gave away R.A. Dickey for Noah Syndergaard and Travid d'Arnaud.  Other than that, you have done absolutely nothing.  Your snide remarks and misplaced arrogance are not welcome in New York.  It is one thing to fail while trying, but to do nothing and act like you are above others when questioned is quite grotesque.  The Met fans deserve more than this, and it is time for a change.  Omar Minaya all of the sudden looks pretty good compared to Sandy Alderson.  At least he tried, and I think that is something we all took for granted when he was here as Mets General Manager.

Throughout this Mets season I have realized one very important thing, the Mets are basically the Jets.  They are interchangeable.  Just when you think things can't get any worse, they do.  This season was over before it even started.  To be honest, the next five years are already over for this team, thats how pathetic they really are.  

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