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The Refs Injustice Against the Rangers

Dan Carcillo has been suspended 10 games for defending Derek Stepan

With the Rangers up 2-1 in the Eastern Conference Finals against the Montreal Canadiens, unfortunate news has just broke for the Blueshirts.  As if losing Derek Stepan indefinitely to an unpunished dirty hit wasn't enough, Dan Carcillo has been suspended 10 games for making contact with an official.  If this incident was isolated, it could be understood why he was being suspended.  However, the fact that Brandon Prust of the Canadiens was only suspended 2 games for breaking Derek Stepan's jaw, shows how inept the league and these referees have been.  Not to mention the fact that Prust didn't even get penalized for the hit during the game!  

It is unfathomable to comprehend how poor this series has been controlled.  Maybe Prust was trying to get some revenge because of the collision between Canadiens Goalie Carey Price and Rangers forward Kris kreider, but his actions cannot go by the wayside like this. Prust's hit was dirty, no matter how you slice it.  The NHL must come down hard on these officials, this is just unacceptable.  

It will be interesting to see if the Rangers fallen teammate, Derek Stepan, becomes a rallying point for this Ranger team.  Similarly to when the Rangers were down 3-1 vs. the Penguins in the Eastern Conference Semifinals and they rallied around Martin St. Louis who had just lost his mother.  With the Rangers two wins away from having the opportunity to play for Lord Stanley's Cup, they will have to dig deep and show why they deserve to play for a chance to hoist the most prized possession in hockey.

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