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What should the New York Mets do from here?

Citi field is not just becoming empty, it is haunting the Mets with is giant dimensions

These are five things that the New York Mets have to do right now, and I mean now.

1. Cut Lucas Duda, who is stranding runners on base at a record clip.

2. Play Juan Lagares everyday, no matter what transpires.  He has the potential to win 10 to 12 gold gloves if he stays healthy.  He is that special in center field.

3. Fire Terry Collins before he gets to the park for the next game.  I have never seen a manager get a free pass for five seasons without one winning season.  It is an embarrassment that his losing mentality is tolerated.  He has to go now.

4. Trade Zack Wheeler for a power hitter while he still has some value.  Wheeler has generation-k type bust written all over him, so the Mets must get rid of him before they are stuck with his mediocrity forever.

5. Give the fans their money back and stop spitting out the company line in every press conference.  The Mets promised a winner this year, and this 2014 squad is obviously not one that can win.  Therefore, the Mets fans who deserve so much, should be treated to free amenities and the truth from the front office. 

If these five actions are not taken now, this season will be lost, and so will the next ten seasons.  Anyone who thinks this team can win more than 70 games this year needs to go back to the drawing board.  For everyone's sake, lets hope the Mets make these moves sooner than later before it gets really ugly.

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