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The Mets could not win even if the formula was right in front of them

Dave Hudgens, the Mets new scapegoat, is only the first of many to fall in the coming weeks

Just when you thought this year may be something different than that of the past, the Mets find new ways to stink.  Instead of admitting that the real problem for the offense on this team is that they just don't have the players, the Mets fired the hitting coach, Dave Hudgens.  While Dave was not getting it done, he did not decide to sign Chris young who has been a subpar hitter his whole career.  Hudgens also did not decide to keep Ruben Tejada and Lucas Duda on the roster for the fourth straight year, who have both been nothing but awful at the plate.  The Mets yet again have failed to see the problem, and that is themselves.  Sandy Alderson is using Hudgens as a scapegoat for his terrible construction of the Mets.  Dave Hudgens did not make reliever Jose Valverde blow yet another close game for the team. 

This is just an atrocity.  The Mets want results?  Fire Terry Collins and make Wally Backman the coach!  A winning attitude is needed on that bench, which as of now looks like it is dead.  One would think that 28 years of failure would create some idea of what the right way to go about things is.  Don't even get me started on what Dave Hudgens has said following his fired.  He has dared to blame Keith Hernandez and the fans for the reason why the Mets can't hit?  All Hudgens talks about is how the players are trying really hard, but nobody cares!  The fans want wins, not to hear how hard the players are trying.  Opposing teams seem to have no problem hitting the ball at Citi Field. 

The New York Mets are in the middle of a debacle and are on the verge of a type of stretch that could ruin the team for years.  It is time to clean house, no exceptions.  Everyone has to go, and I mean everybody.  Starting from the Single-A talent evaluators to Terry Collins.

Thanks for nothing Wilpons, a little respect would be appreciated by the Mets fan base at some point.

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