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The Knicks can't win without one of these three; Carmelo will never win in New York

Being a star is more than just scoring, and these 3 show that with their defense

Lets be real for a second, Carmelo Anthony is a great player, but is he as good of a two way player as the top talent in the league?  There is no doubt that Carmelo Anthony can score with authority, but his defense is right in the middle of the pack with the rest of the league.  The reason that Paul George, Kevin Durant, and Lebron James are still playing in the NBA Playoffs is because they can wreck a game with their defense, not just their perimeter shooting.  Granted, they have better supporting casts, but there are games where they just take over and the result of the game is never in doubt. 

It seems that Carmelo Anthony can score 50 points, but the Knicks lose by 10 at the end of the game.  It may seem harsh, but the facts are the facts, and Carmelo Anthony has not won a title since coming into the league in 2003.  Yes, there are great players in sports who have never won titles such as Dan Marino, but unfortunately, the world we live in judges off results and results only. 

So for the Knicks to improve, it may be smart to let Anthony go in free agency and sign 2 or 3 players that may equal his value in a combined manner.  Carmelo doesn't raise the level of his teammates, but George, James, and Durant do.  That is why Anthony should be considered in the 1A tier of players in the league.  He is up there, but just under the top cusp of the elite players.  

Good ball movement beats isolation basketball any day, unless Michael Jordan is playing.  Therefore, the Knicks must abandon their current style of play and go back to playing the team basketball that got them to the NBA finals in 1994.  Carmelo may go somewhere else and win, but that is a chance the Knicks should take.       

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