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Donald Sterling needs to take a hard look in the mirror

Donald Sterling suing the NBA is laughable

I don't usually discuss sports stories outside of New York, but the recent developments with Donald Sterling warrant a serious discussion.  After Sterling's racist comments, his lawsuit against the NBA of about $1Billion is laughable.  What Sterling needs to realize is that he has gotten a free pass from the NBA for almost thirty years.  He has had countless incidents involving racism that have went by the wayside.  Now that he has finally been held responsible for his grotesque actions, he still has the nerve to sue for one billion dollars?  It is clear that Sterling lacks a set of morals.  It is an absolute joke that he feels that he was wrongly done by the NBA.  

He has the money to last about forty lifetimes, and he is suing for one billion dollars for damages against the NBA?  His claims do not even have any merit to them, and the suit makes him look gutless.  Sterling is in the process of selling his Clippers for around two billion dollars, combine that with the potential earnings from the lawsuit, and Donald Sterling could potentially make three billion dollars as a result of making racist comments.    

Donald Sterling gives owners a bad name, which is unfortunate because some owners do have a good set of morals and care about the community immensely.  If Sterling actually wins this case, all of the money should go to various charities around the world regarding racial discrimination and the prevention of said discrimination.  There are school teachers and doctors around the world that make just enough to support themselves, and Donald Sterling is crying about his billions of dollars.  This is a clear example of power positions being held by the wrong people.  In my opinion, Magic Johnson as the next owner of the Los Angeles Clippers makes all the sense in the world.  Magic is an upstanding citizen of the community and is an incredible role model for the younger population in the United States.  The coming days will present many new potential buyers for the Clippers, lets hope its Magic.

Donald, do yourself a favor, keep quiet.  

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