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Hawks Vs. the Kings; Who do you have moving on to face the blueshirts?

Its game 7; Do or die for the Kings and the Blackhawks

The New York Rangers will be very interested in the outcome of tonight's game 7 between the Chicago Blackhawks and the Los Angeles Kings.  The Rangers will be the underdog vs. either team, but Corey Crawford is a much more favorable matchup for the Rangers than is Jonathan Quick.  Playing Chicago may even be a plus for the Rangers just because of the shorter travel distance, but that may be a reach.  In any case, the Rangers will have to be on their A+ game if they want to have any chance against either of these teams.  I will say one thing, the Rangers are following a hollywood type script, and when you get on one of those roles, it is hard to be defeated.  

My Prediction: Blackhawks 2, Kings 1. Jonathan Quick will be good, but not good enough.  Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews are in the middle of building a dynasty in Chicago, and they are not going to be beaten on home ice in game 7.  I just don't see it.  

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