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Should Derek Fisher be the next Knicks head coach?

Does Derek Fisher really make sense?

I understand that Derek Fisher is one of Phil Jackson's guys, but why should the Knicks be limited to that type of list?  Yes, Phil Jackson is in charge, and yes, he should have full autonomy.  However, why would he limit himself to a small group of players that used to play for him?  When I look at a guy like Mark Jackson, he makes all the sense in the world.  He knows about New York City and has played for the organization in the past.  

Just because Jason Kidd had success with the Nets does not mean that players who just retired are bound to be successful coaches.  The Knicks wasted time waiting for Derek Fisher to finish his series with the Spurs, resulting in a disadvantage for the them.  I understand that Phil Jackson has eleven titles and that he is one of basketball's great minds, but I thought the circus would be over when he arrived on Broadway.  Forgetting about his name for a second, the coaching search for the Knicks has been dreadful this offseason.  The chances of Carmelo Anthony wanting to stay are dwindling by the day; for the sole reason that they don't have a coach and its June!

At the end of the day, Phil is going to hire his guy.  Thats all well and good, but whoever that guy is, he better get the job done.  Phil Jackson is supposed to bring the Knicks back to glory, and that is what everyone is expecting for the upcoming season.  If Derek Fisher says no, who's next?  I don't even want to think about plan C. 

Who do you think should be the Knicks head coach next season?  

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