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Are New York Sports tickets too expensive?

These World Series tickets would be $10,000 in todays world

The price of New York Sports tickets has seemed to become a more pressing issue over the past few years.  Ever since Citi Field, the New Yankee Stadium, and the New Meadowlands were built, prices have skyrocketed.  The ticket prices are geared for the corporate world, and that is why you are starting to see empty seats at the games.  For some odd reason, even though Rangers and Knicks tickets are a fortune, they usually sell out.  However, has anyone looked at the Rangers Stanley Cup ticket prices?  You can't get a ticket for less than $1,100 dollars!  

There is a risk reward factor when going to sporting events, and these New York sporting events are starting to have more risk than reward.  Even if you go to a Knicks game and they win, you easily would've had to spend at least $500.  The main point here is that going to games now does not have as much of a benefit as it used to because people have to break the bank for them.  Also, with the exception of the Rangers over the past few years, a mediocre product has been put out by most of the New York teams that does not warrant astronomical ticket prices.  

The only way these prices will ever change is if people stop going to the games; especially at Citi Field. Teams like the Mets need to offer free tickets to the fans, thats how outrageous they have been when it comes to ticket sales and their product.  The Yankees used to sell out every game, but not anymore, it is just too expensive.   These organizations need to take a look in the mirror, and ask themselves, why aren't people coming to the games?

What do you think? 

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