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The Mets Debacle

Travis dArnaud being shocked about his demotion speaks volumes to what message is permeating through the Mets organization

It has become evident that the Mets have went from the lovable losers to just losers. For the fifth year in a row, Sandy Alderson has dropped the ball with the bullpen and it is unacceptable. The bullpen has blown the most games in the major leagues this year, creating an impossible situation for the team. Even when the Mets scratch out some much needed runs, the lead is never safe. This team is on the cusp of fading into oblivion and change needs to occur now. Nobody wants to admit it but a trade involving David Wright for two young bats may in fact be the way to go. Wright has given the team a lot the past few years, but this is not basketball, and one player cannot carry a team to the playoffs. In terms of the bullpen, I would throw all of the young arms in their and get rid of guys like Carlos Torres and Josh Edgin. 

The St. Louis Cardinals a lot of the time send their young arms to the bullpen so they can contribute right away without hurting the team. It also enables them to perform in pressure situations. As for the manager, it is time to go. I have never seen a manager get rewarded with a contract extension after four straight losing seasons. It is an absolute joke. 2014 was the year and now that we are finally at this point, it is all of the sudden all about 2015. 

This team has become accepting of losing and doesn't mind failure. If ex-met Wally Backman was brought up to be the coach, he wouldn't take any guff and we all would finally see who really wants to play here. Change better come, and fast.

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