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Its about time Chris Young gets the boot

Chris Young may be out of Queens in less than a week

Chris Young, one of the outfielders for the New York Mets, was one of the worst signings in Mets history.  By Thursday, he may finally be gone.  Theres just one small problem.  The Mets decided to pay him an obscene amount of money for one season!  The Mets made the same mistake with Jason Bay and they paid the price because they held onto him way to long.  However, the Mets kept Bay because of the amount of money they were paying him, but now all of the sudden they are willing to change their policy?  I am all for getting rid of Chris Young, but this stuff should have been done years ago!  Chris Young is getting paid around $7.25 million to hit .201 this season.  That is what is boils down to, and that just doesn't cut it.  I am impressed that Sandy Alderson has come to his senses this early, but it is almost too good to be true.  

While the Mets are pondering whether to get rid of their underperforming offseason addition or not, the Orioles' Nelson Cruz who many thought the Mets would go after in the offseason has 23 home runs to date.  So in other words, Sandy Alderson has dropped the ball yet again.  It would be one thing if Young was just struggling at the plate, but his troubles extend into the field!  There have been multiple instances where he has misplayed routine fly balls and costed the Mets ballgames.  

In a nutshell, it will be interesting to see what the Mets do come thursday, however, we have seen this movie before and sometimes the Mets show that they care more about friendships than winning games.  Therefore, I wouldn't consider Chris Young getting cut a done deal just yet...    

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