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Do you miss that electric atmosphere at the games? It left with the old stadiums

There is nothing like the old stadiums

Lets face it; while New York sporting events still have some sizzle, a lot of that sizzle left once the new  stadiums were erected.  A combination of raised ticket prices and the preferential treatment of the corporate community has made games at Citi Field, Yankee Stadium, and Met life Stadium more business like than anything else.  

When there is a game with flair, it is a sad reminder that things aren't how they used to be.  There was something to be said for going to old Shea, the place that the Mets called home.  Even though Citi Field is cleaner and obviously nicer, it does not have that true identity that the fans are searching for.  The same thing goes for the new Yankee Stadium and the new Meadowlands.  While they are nice in size and condition, they lack that special identity that used to be present in the old stadiums.  This is mostly because of the people who go to the games nowadays.  Ticket prices are through the roof, thus increasing the corporate population in the stands.  Not that there is anything wrong with the corporate world, but their interests often supersede the game.  This is a prime reason as to why some people don't even go for the game anymore, instead, they go because they have to go for their business or for the special clubs that they have access to.  

While a playoff game at any of these stadiums would bring tremendous energy and hype today, the regular season does not anymore, although there are a few exceptions.  While these wealthy individuals who are running the stadiums may be accommodating their inner circle of business associates, they are driving away the common fan, and the common fan is what supports these teams. 

There used to be years where the Mets sucked but people would say,"lets go to Shea for a game!"  I don't think the same can be said for Citi Field.  The old Yankee Stadium was a sports icon, but the new one is not the same.  I think a decrease in the vip clubs at the stadiums would bring the games back into focus and bring back the true fans who cares about their respective teams.  These new stadiums are nice, but not the same.  

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