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Sandy Alderson has the skills to be a lawyer, not a general manager

Sandy Alderson has dropped the ball yet again

While some may say that the Mets are developing a young nucleus of talent in the minor leagues, it has taken an inordinate amount of time.  When Sandy Alderson took the job as general manager for the New York Mets in 2009, he stated that he had a five year plan to bring a winner back to New York.  Well, it has come to that fifth year, and the Mets are looking at their fifth consecutive losing season.

The New York spotlight demands winning, and when winning is not achieved, those who are responsible are usually held accountable.  For some reason, Sandy Alderson barely takes any slack from the media or the fans.  Time after time he is seen smooth talking his way out of questions to reporters spewing the same old company line, but at the end of the day, he needs to produce a winner.  All we heard from the Mets the past few years was that 2014 would be the year the Mets would compete for the playoffs.  Now all of a sudden, they are talking about 2015 and how the future is very bright as if people are supposed to forget about what they previously stated.  

I am puzzled as to why this has been able to fly in New York.  Yes, things need time to fix, but at a certain point people must show up and produce.  It is apparent that the Mets are more concerned with stadium promotions and their pockets than the team actually winning meaningful games.  When you hear Alderson talk, if you didn't know any better, you would think that the Mets are 20 games over .500.  He praises players that are terrible and says that they are doing good things.  One must beg the question, what team is he watching?  His attitude and the Mets performance is beyond response at this point.

Alderson's lack of touch with the fans and his ignorance on many issues had led to another poor season to date for the Mets.  He may be building a nucleus in the minors, but I highly doubt that people want to wait another five years for what could be a serviceable team at best.  Thanks for nothing Sandy.  Former G.M. for the Mets, Omar Minaya, wasn't as bad as people may have thought.  At least the guy made transactions once in a blue moon.    

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