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Can Odell Beckham Jr. be just what the doctor ordered for Eli and the Giants?

Does Odell Beckham Jr. have what it takes?

Assuming that recent Giants draft Pick Odell Beckham Jr. will be able to stay healthy and be on the field, can he really be as explosive as people think he will be?  The jury is still out on that question.  However, until the Giants offensive line can protect Eli, does it matter if Beckham can be true to form?  Yes, Victor Cruz cannot do it alone on the field anymore, and he needs help.  But if Eli doesn't have time to release the ball, what difference does it make?

The Giants revamped their offensive line this offseason with some draft picks, but none of those picks are guarantees to be successes.  Personally, I think Odell Beckham will be perfect for Eli and company.  If any of the Giants offensive lineman can mature and protect Eli, Beckham could be the next breakout star in the NFL.  Beckham's great mix of speed and strength is going to create matchup nightmares for defensive coordinators around the league, thus taking some of the heat off of Victor Cruz as well.  

Odell Beckham Jr. averaged 19.0 yards per reception last year at LSU and caught for over 1,000 yards.  Any production close to this from Beckham will spell great things for the Giants moving forward, especially with the new offensive system they are putting in place.  

Beckham also brings another dimension with his game.  He is a very skilled punt and kick returner which could bode well for the Giants just in case offseason signing Trindon Holliday doesn't pan out at kick returner.  All in all, Odell Beckham should going to take the league by storm.  The only thing holding him back will be any injuries that he sustains and the offensive line's play.  He has sure hands and will not be intimidated by any opposing defenses.  The sooner Beckham can get on the field at training camp, the better off he will be in the Giants new offense.

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